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منى 02-22-2012 07:12 AM

Worth the wait!!!
Worth the wait!!!

I had a few great months looking at X Hamster daily and wanking as often as possible. Great fun chatting and had made one special friend that dressed up and sent photos. Had a good few sessions on messenger or phoned him when I worked away and had a great wanking session.

I thought I would have a change and decided to not come for a few days. After a nice fuck around midnight Sunday I thought thats it will hang on now until Thursday. Thought it would be easier if I set a day. Only problem time alone and keep checking Hamster for messages etc. When looking just couldn't stop having a little rub but not coming. As each day went by the build up was amazing. My morning hard on was like wood and I still stroked but no way was I coming until Thursday.

On Wednesday I contacted Connie (CD) and arranged to talk on Thursday morning. I also sent her a message late on Wednesday night as I was getting desperate to come. Woke early and had a shower a trim and shaved my balls. Dressed up in Tights Big hold in Knickers and a black bra. Was gently stroking myself on and off all morning while looking at porn. Every time I went soft I would use a little vibrator to bring my erection back. The minutes dragged and near mid day I couldnt wait any longer and phoned Connie. I wanted him to know this was for him.

I rubbed myself with the virator over my knickers and was getting pre cum through the 2 layers, it was no good I just took them off and could see my erection through my tights. The pleasure was building and I could hear Connie asking what I wanted to do to him. It was too much!! I ripped a hole in my tights and started to wank.There was no way I was wasting this with a quick one. I took my time and the pressure just kept on building. Close to the edge I told Connie and paused then as my cock twitched finished myself off. When I came it was amazing, my hips lifted off the floor where I was sitting, I couldnt stop myself moaning and the come went on my tight and all over my hand. I licked my hand clean and thanked Connie.

As soon as I could I put the pictures on line.

سكسيه جسمى جامد 02-22-2012 12:20 PM


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منى 03-04-2012 01:27 PM

أسعدني كثيرا مروركم وتعطيركم هذه الصفحه

وردكم المفعم بالحب والعطاء

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